International Trade

Kazuo Kimura and his team have been working with different sectors and at all levels, helping various companies in theirs globalization process and market expansion since beginning of 1990.

Our extensive market knowledge and recognized business achievement is the result of the diverse nature of our members. We are ready and able to offer a complete package of innovative solutions to our international clients.

We also provide representative services or trading, providers searching services and consulting services for the creation or acquisition of an established customer base.

Our specialty is primarily in operations between Europe and Latin America, but we also have extensive experience operating in Asian markets.

In the next few years the international market will experience significant changes. Countries like Brazil, Russia, India, China and Mexico are already, or are predicted to, play a very important role in the global economy.

The time to act is now. Ask for a consultation without compromise and we can offer a full feasibility study and a range of creative ideas for your business.